Welcome to The Stall High Network!

I’m Kendra Dickson, a cowgirl on a mission to help riders get immediate results and increase the value of each horse. Growing up as a ranch kid in East Texas, I helped train thoroughbred racehorses and chase wild cattle all over the Pineywoods. I began barrel racing at age five and have been blessed to win money at some of the largest pro rodeos in the world. Horses have added so much value to my life that it would be remiss not to share what I’ve learned.

Here at Stall High, we don’t follow popular trends or traditional horse training methods…quite simply because they are time consuming, complicated and do more damage to a horse than good. If you’re like me, you’ve already wasted a lot of precious time trying every supplement, horse care product and brand name under the sun. 

Things became so bad for me at one point, I nearly walked away from what I love doing the most.  That’s when one person challenged me to reconsider everything I’d ever been spoon fed by the horse industry. Her exact words were, “stop listening to people and start listening to your horse.” Her words cut me deep. I was so offended until I tried what she showed me, and it changed the direction of my life forever. Now, I'm on a mission to share what I've learned to help riders and their horses reach a new level of confidence and expedite the path to success!