About Us

Bits are just the beginning

FIX YOUR HORSE with our help. Don’t waste another day riding by the WRONG rules!  

Welcome to Stall High, where you and your horse can be set free from the traditional training methods that can ruin a horse’s mental health. 

We get it, you’ve done your due diligence, bought the best feed, have all the fancy supplements, new saddles, the latest bell boots, magnet blankets, you ride early then stay out late, keep current on dentistry, chiro adjustments and other modern therapies, and your vet says there’s no physical reason for your horse to misbehave...but no matter how many hours you train or how much money you spend, your horse still won’t listen.

Have you ever stopped to think about the mental well-being of your horse and that the real problem is simply that you’ve been riding the WRONG way? At Stall High, we are taking a stand against the conventional training techniques that are causing irreparable damage to horses. 

The equine industry has done an excellent job providing products and education for a horse’s physical fitness, however, the mental health of our horse’s has been grossly overlooked for too long.
If you’re like us, you agree that light hands are best and that trapping a horse with a forced form of “collection” is WRONG! While the rest of the horse world is drilling their horses to death, loping circles and going nowhere, congratulating themselves on staying within the confinements of status quo, Stall High is setting history in horsemanship by teaching riders to see life through a horse’s eyes.

Our phenomenal coaching team shares their combined decades of training expertise, accessible from the palm of your hand, for you to repair the relationship with your horse and ride further than your biggest dream!