Are you BRAVE ENOUGH to see for yourself WHY your horse isn’t working? 

WARNING: The answers in this Test Ride are ALARMING & NOT for every rider!

Only purchase if you’re prepared to look behind the curtain of lies to learn to why so many horses are in PAIN & the REASON NO ONE ELSE IS PAYING ATTENTION!!

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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction with Kendra Dickson

    1. Matt Reeves-Slow your mind enough to remember your run BEFORE you watch your video

    2. Kendra Dickson-Core, Legs, Knees and Toes: How to avoid restricting your range of motion and how this affects your horse

    3. James Davison-90% FEET: You know you're riding right when your horse is working correctly

    4. Venn Johns-Venn's secret strategy for visual practice

    5. Ronny Clampitt-The more you use your rein, the less they use their brain; How to develop "The Feel"

    1. Next Steps

About this course

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  • 2.5 hours of video content

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