Fix Your Horse & Boost Your Confidence

Traditional barrel racing clinics can be time consuming and expensive.  If you are fortunate enough to have a clinician who comes to your area, it’s typically only one time per year and if you’re like most riders.. You always ride away wishing you could’ve gotten more answers.

Kendra Dickson, is a WPRA barrel racer and 5X Texas Circuit Finals Qualifier who has been training horses and teaching clinics for over a decade. A firm believer that endless drills and logging hours a day in the saddle are NOT the way to go.. Kendra’s style is simple for riders and horses to start applying today for immediate results.

Save yourself valuable time and thousands of dollars by investing in affordable, online training with answers about:

  • Which traditional methods are hurting your horse

  • How to consider answers from your horse’s perspective

  • Daily drills are NOT the answer and could be doing more harm than good

  • Why you should NEVER pull to your hip pocket! 

  • Walking the barrel pattern 5 minutes a day is better than an hour of loping circles

Course Curriculum

    1. Plan to Win: Goal Sheet

    2. Staying In Sync with Your Horse

    3. Day 1 - Bullseye Backstage Pass

    1. More Core, Less Limbs with guest Marvin Columbus, Professional Boxing Coach and Promoter

    2. Day 2 - Bullseye Backstage Pass

    1. Saddle Bronc v. Barrel Racing with guest Brody Cress, 4x NFR Qualifier

    2. Day 3 - Bullseye Backstage Pass

    1. All You Need Is a Pair of Old Jeans with guest Barrel Racer Dani Powers

    2. Day 4 - Bullseye Backstage Pass

    1. Sustaining Your Passion with Dr. Dennis Rebelo, Professor, Author and Career Coach

    2. Day 5 - Bullseye Backstage Pass

About this course

  • $597.00
  • 11 lessons
  • 8.5 hours of video content