If you want to:

  • Create a better connection with your horse
  • Feel more anchored in the saddle
  • Help your horse stop fighting and stay focused
  • Make a strong comeback from an injury or extended break from riding
  • Clean up turns, stops and other maneuvers
  • Get solutions to your road blocks

Then you have found your reset button!

This level includes Kendra's step-by-step training horses from Prospect to Pro Rodeo.

Whether you are competing professionally or just want the best possible relationship with your horse, this is your Fast Pass. The techniques and solutions shared in our Digital Clinic Library will boost your riding abilities AND confidence.

This program is ideal for busy moms and business owners who don't have time to lope a ton if circles or practice every day!

The Stall High Network holds over 100 hours of content that will be your new favorite series. With no contract or minimum number of months required, you can binge watch or take your time gaining strategies that will bring you & your horse to a new level!

PLUS, join us on the app to share your successes, ask questions and be part of our community. Just download the Stall High app from AppStore or GooglePlay and create your free profile. 

Have questions? Email Laurie@stallhigh.com or text us at (940) 291-9090

See what other riders are saying!

  • "...Total game changer! I had worked myself into bad habits!"  Brenda M.

  • "I don't know what to say but Amazing. The whole clinic has changed my life. Kendra has made it more simple for me to understand what and how I should be riding. I can't wait to see what God has in my path. This was much needed at a time in my life where I was ready to give up riding (listening to other people). All I can say is Thank You....so girls, let's Ride!"  Emily S.

  • "Great simple tips that can make such a big impact & build your confidence & your horse's too!" Mayte C.

  • "After taking the digital class... I rode him again yesterday with split reins and the Lagniappe bit. What a difference. He did great and all I had to do was use the pinky pressure and lift and he made beautiful turns." Sherry M.

  • "Thank you Kendra for your awesome information in the clinic & Bullseye tonight! Ohhh my goodness I wish some Team Ropers could hear what u said..." Lisa S.

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